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Terms and Conditions for Students – SEPT 2013 Version

As a small business, the Institute operates on limited margins. In order for the business to survive and grow, students are required to accept and comply with these terms and conditions. In these regulations, reference to students includes parents or guardians of students under 18 years of age.


Payment for new students

Fees for the term must be paid min 7 days in advance of the first lesson. Payment by installments is available – ask at the office for details.  We actively encourage students booking a term of lessons in advance to post us a cheque so we are fully confident in reserving their place with the designated tutor for the decided time.  ICM prefers payment by cards or cheque. There is a 2% surcharge on credit cards.


Payment for returning students

Fees for the term must be paid min 7 days before the first lesson or commencement of each term or course of lessons. In the event of non-compliance, the Institute reserves the right to impose a surcharge (10%) and withdraw any discounts where applicable, or to suspend lessons. ICM prefers payment by cards or cheque. There is a 2% surcharge on credit cards.


Payment by installments

Payment by installments is available. Exact details will be clearly marked on your bill. There is an administration charge of £4 per installment. If an installment is not paid on the due date, ICM reserves the right to impose a 10% surcharge for outstanding amounts and the installment facility will be withdrawn for future terms. ICM prefers payment by cards or cheque. There is a 2% surcharge on credit cards.



The Institute operates for four terms per year, Sept-Dec, Jan- Apr, Apr-June and a new Summer term in August. These terms are of varying length. The Institute remains open on some Public and Bank Holidays e.g. Halloween – please see web site for current arrangements.


Missing lessons

By enrolling, a student reserves a place with a tutor for an entire term or course of lessons and the Tutor’s booked time must be paid for. Payments must be made for all lessons whether taken or missed by the student. Unfortunately this includes cases of illness; as tutors turning up for work require payment.

Because of increased number of students, we are generally not able to reschedule lessons. This option leaves us with extra administration that is difficult to maintain with a large number of students. If a student wishes to change their regular lesson time, they can discuss with the office manager what other regular slots are available and may change if something is available, possibly with another teacher. If nothing suitable is available, the original slot may be retained. This may only be done once each term per student and 7 days notice is required between discussion with ICM and the original planned lesson time.

If you miss a lesson by not showing up – the lesson will be forfeit.

No refunds can be given for missed lessons, neither can lessons be carried over to another term.

If a student is late for a lesson, they may not get a full half hour’s tuition as another student may be booked straight after that lesson.

As a courtesy to the teacher, we strongly encourage that the office be notified if a student is to be absent.

Lessons are not transferable. Only the named student will be taught.


If we miss a lesson...

Occasionally, a lesson may be cancelled by the Institute but, in such circumstances, the Institute shall rearrange the lesson or credit the student’s account with the appropriate fee. We reserve the right to supply an alternative teacher in cases of teacher illness, absence or departure; teachers will always be fully qualified with substantial teaching experience. Please note that, due to the nature of individual tuition, lessons may not always begin on time. If this is the case, tutors will make up the time either at the end of a lesson or on another occasion.


If you quit…

Four weeks notice to discontinue lessons and/or withdraw from the Institute must be given in writing, payment is required for these 4 weeks, whether the student attends or not. If a student withdraws during a term or course of lessons without 4 weeks written notice, fees cannot be credited. Surplus lessons after 4 week notice period may be credited to the next term only and expire if unused in that term. Lessons are not transferable to another student. (Written notice of withdrawal cannot be served during periods of Institute closure, as the student’s place for the ensuing term is reserved in advance with the Tutor prior to closure). The Institute reserves the right to discontinue the enrolment of any student who misses three consecutive lessons, who has a pattern of absences or who is often late for lessons. In consultation with the Tutor, the Institute may also discontinue lessons if progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory.


Teacher changes …

Teachers leave us sometimes. We cannot guarantee the same teacher, even for the duration of a term. No credits will be given for students who quit due to a teacher moving on or who are unwilling to be taught by an alternative teacher.