Term Dates

Term dates:

Sat 9th Jan to Sat 19th March with week off on Sat 13th Feb for half term.

Total 10 weeks.


We arrange our exams through various boards including RockSchool. ICM is one of the largest Rockschool exam centres in UK or Ireland. So why not come on down and get graded. These exams are taken by students of all ages and abilities and range from Debut to Grade 8 plus Diplomas in both performance and teaching.


We also specialise in teaching students how to play together in bands at our regular Saturday Band Workshops (2-3pm every Saturday in term-time). From time to time we have master classes with guest speakers: in the past these have included Colin Reid, Louis Stewart and Rab McCullough.


Individual lessons £18 each

Theory lessons £18 each

Student Discount
Not offered

Sample Lessons

Click the button below to view sample lessons from our teachers, to give you a taste of what ICM has to offer!


Most lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis with your tutor but we also do group lessons for beginner guitar and vocals. The price for tuition is £17.50 per half-hour lesson and if you are happy with your initial lesson you are required to sign up and pay for the term in full or by instalments. Students can start at ICM at any week in any term. Note that there is an installment charge of £5 / installment. Student discount of 10% is available upon production of a valid student ID. The 10% discount is only applicable for full-term payments when the bill is settled in full.

By learning at the ICM performance opportunities are available as we organise regular concerts and performances, such as our upcoming Christmas concert. Every year at ICM the best pupil also receives the Music Matters Cup for Student Of The Year.

Please read our terms and conditions for further information.



We teach the following guitar styles…Blues, rock, pop, jazz, finger-style, acoustic, classical, heavy metal, reggae, funk. Techniques include chord playing, soloing, alternate picking, sweep picking, slide playing, open tunings, and many more. ICM has 4 guitar tutors, some of the best players in Ireland, all having music teaching diploma qualifications or higher and all are performing musicians with many years teaching experience. We can help you get a grade – Rockschool, AB, RGT, other boards, or help with the basic or advanced techniques. We’ll teach you to read music on guitar, how to transcribe from CD, or simply come to be inspired and revitalise your guitar playing with a dose of enthusiasm and excitement. Students must have their own guitar – electric (and a lead) or acoustic.



We have a dedicated bass tutor. Many other schools use guitar teachers to teach bass: Bass students deserve a Bass teacher. We do styles – rock, pop, reggae, James Jamerson, jazz, slap, Jaco Pastorius, Musical Theatre, etc plus reading skills using Bass Clef. Students must have their own electroic bass + lead



ICM teach RockSchool syllabus and also stylised playing – rock, pop, blues, funk, rocabilly, country, jazz, metal plus others. Our drum dept teachers are fluent sight readers and incorporate reading music into their lessons. The drum studio has 2 kits for teacher and pupil so that all points may be easily demonstrated without having to move from the kit. There is also a PA in the drum booth for play-along to CD’s. Enrolled students can practice at ICM free of charge.

Students don’t have to have their own kit initially, but it will be essential to have a drum kit to practice on in order for progress to made or grades taken. As a guide, expect to have a kit in your second term of lessons.



Diploma qualified teachers can help you get a grade, AB, Trinity or RockSchool. We teach up to Diploma  / Licenciate level in either classical or modern styles. Most piano students tend to work through the AB grades including the newer AB Jazz syllabus, all of which are predominantly for solo piano. Some prefer to play keys in a rock and pop style using the RockSchool syllabus which is aimed at band players.We teach piano with sight reading but also use ear training to assist progress. We also offer training in the art of accompanying choirs, ensenmbles, bands and soloists. For keyboard work, students can learn about chord spelling and voicings.



Our vocal dept is one of the most exciting places to improve singing. We have 5 top vocal coaches who have a wealth of experience and cover pretty much all singing styles. Classical, rock and pop, jazz, musical theatre, worship music, barber-shop, singer-songwriter, harmonies screaming for punk & hardcore, beatboxing and belting. All of the teachers help develop range and vocal support for healthy singing (including breathing and posture) to develop secure technique. Our tutors work full abdominal breathing for strong breath support as well as expansion of the controlled vocal range.

We can coach you through grades 1 to 8 in classical (AB), rock and pop (RockSchool) and others (Trinity etc) and also offer Diploma preparation for advanced students and aspiring teachers.