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Practice Makes Perfect

Guns and Roses recording Appetite for Destruction. Queen playing at Wembley. Miles Davis owning the stage. Lady Gaga selling out venues all over the world. Jimi Hendrix starting a revolution.

What do all these professional musicians have in common?

They practiced.

Do you play at the ICM concerts? Well, if you do, I think it's safe to assume that you want to put on the best show that you can. Since it's rare that someone can just walk onto the stage and play the best show of their lives without practicing, we're offering free rehearsals in the ICM practice space with the house band in the two weeks before the show. It's the perfect opportunity to tighten up your performance and work out those last minute kinks that always pop up in your routine. Rehearsing may not be the most glamourous aspect of playing live, but it's certainly one of the most vital.

And if you don't play at the concerts, then why not? It's a great opportunity to get some valuable gigging experience and have a lot of fun playing music the way it's supposed to be played. There's always space in the spotlight, so at the next concert, why not have a go?