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new term Jan 2018

The Winter tem at ICM starts Sat 6th JAN 2018, through to 24th March, with 17th Feb off for half term.


One-On-One Theory tuition

If you are interested in learning theory but cannot make the tuesday evening class don't worry! The ICM theory teacher is available all weekday evenings. Theory at ICM covers all the exam boards; ABRSM, Trinity, LCM popular and classical theory as well as GCSE and A-level theory tuition.

All aspects of theory are taught with personal attention towards the individual pupil in the aim to answer their own questions rather than lecturing them on information they do not need. Our theory classes are taught in a relaxed and comfortable environment so do not be afraid to call or email us.

The normal ICM rates and conditions apply. Please see the booking and payment section for more information.


Get a RockSchool Grade

Do you want something to show for all the money you invest in music lessons. Ask us about entering for a Grade exam. All of our teachers have at least one Grade 8 themselves and enjoy working with pupils doing grades: it often makes the lessons more focused, especially for teenagers.

Everyone knows what "Black Belt" means. Grade 8 means the same thing - the top level. Here at ICM we have loads of pupils working their way up the grades. Quite often our students have their G8, before they leave school, some by GCSE. How good is that?

RockSchool grades are great fun and they tick all the boxes. They develop technique, band playing, sight reading and aural skills. You also get a recognised qualification giving UCAS points at G6 and above.

Ask us, if you are interested in exploring a grade for you or your child.


Practice Makes Perfect

Guns and Roses recording Appetite for Destruction. Queen playing at Wembley. Miles Davis owning the stage. Lady Gaga selling out venues all over the world. Jimi Hendrix starting a revolution.

What do all these professional musicians have in common?

They practiced.

Do you play at the ICM concerts? Well, if you do, I think it's safe to assume that you want to put on the best show that you can. Since it's rare that someone can just walk onto the stage and play the best show of their lives without practicing, we're offering free rehearsals in the ICM practice space with the house band in the two weeks before the show. It's the perfect opportunity to tighten up your performance and work out those last minute kinks that always pop up in your routine. Rehearsing may not be the most glamourous aspect of playing live, but it's certainly one of the most vital.

And if you don't play at the concerts, then why not? It's a great opportunity to get some valuable gigging experience and have a lot of fun playing music the way it's supposed to be played. There's always space in the spotlight, so at the next concert, why not have a go?


Reasons To Study At ICM

There are lots of solo guitar teachers working from home and they are often cheaper than ICM. However, we have had lots of students who have joined us after working with such teachers for over a year and having made no progress. They often have horror stories of a teacher telling them to play right handed insead of left, of studying classical pieces when the student wants to learn rock. Students sometimes turn up and the teacher has gone out!
At ICM on the other hand, there are no dodgy teachers: you will find that all of our teachers are qualified to teach. They all have LRSL, Music Degree and at least one Grade 8, they all play by ear and read music to the highest levels. All are vetted to work with children. All departements have teachers with experience in teaching pupils with special needs including Asbergers, Dyslexia and ADHD. Most are recording, gigging players on the, local, national and some - international scene with CD credits. Lessons will always be covered by another teacher if your teacher is ill or away. We are the main Rockschool exam centre in Ireland. We have coached hundreds of pupils successfully through their grades up to Diploma level. All of our pupils have performance opprtunities at our legendary concerts in the Black Box or the Crescent Arts Centre. Ask anyone that's played. Pupils get the chance to meet other pupils at our band workshops and put there learning to some use - the most exciting bit about playing an instrument.

So - don't waste your money - INVEST it in some proper education, make REAL progress and get a grade if you want to, or just learn to play in your favourite style - we teach all main styles. Our rates are competitive and we have student and other discounts including use of practice facilities, discount on recording at ICM recording Studio.

Check out our teachers on YouTube - Steve McKnight is one of the finest guitarists around, Rory O'Connor is to-die-for drummer, Conn Smyth is one of the most in-demand session guitarists around, Anthony Deveny is recording and gigging Bassists also in demand at the minute. Marion Jordan is an exquisite singer specialising in jazz and Ita O'Neill is a top piano teacher as well as a school teacher. I have been playing now for er....40+ years and gigging when possible. As well as running the school, I teach Guitar and Bass. Ask any of my pupils if you want a reference.

So what are you waiting for - take the next step and contact us. Don't let anything put you off - all ages, abilities and disabilities catered for.

Michael McCormick, ICM Director