ICM is open on Saturday daytime and Wednesday evenings at present.

Contact the office by email to discuss booking.

Registration Form

Click here to download a Registration form. We will collect this from you when you arrive for your first lesson

Payment Policy

Costs for 1-to-1 tuition are £18 per half-hour when fees are paid in-full at the start of each term.

Other courses, workshops charged as advertised.

There is a £5 admin fee per payment if you choose to pay per lesson or by instalments.

Credit Card payments have a 2% surcharge (n/a to Debit Cards)

Appointments are only guaranteed when they have been paid-for.



10% surcharge may apply for late payment

Thank you

ICM Management

Lessons at 7 Glastonbury Ave

Pay for your lessons right now. Choose single, month or full term. Don't forget to contact us to arrange regular lesson appointments. This can be done by phone, email or visiting the office. Lessons cost £20 each when paid in advance en-bloc. Lessons must now be paid for 7 days in advance.

All lesson appointments must be made at the time of booking. ICM no longer accepts ad-hoc bookings whereby pupils decide on a weekly basis, what day/time they want their next lesson.  




Pay for Theory classes here. Its £20per session.